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Kingston 32GB Memory Card

Product description

The Kingston 32GB SDHC Class 10 Memory card addresses the storage demands of high-quality digital still and video cameras and other high-resolution image recording devices

From the Manufacturer


Ample Storage for Your Devices

The Kingston 32GB microSD Card is a great solution for your storage needs. This 32GB microSD memory card provides ample storage and is ideal for storing music files, photographs and high definition videos without affecting the quality. Moreover, this memory card is easily compatible with many devices and can be used with any microSD or microSDHC devices like cell phones, cameras, etc without any hassle. Store, access and transfer data with absolute ease from this 32GB microSD card.

Durability and High Speed Transfer

The Kingston 32GB Memory card has been designed to function in extreme climatic conditions. It has been designed to work perfectly in the temperatures from -25 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius. These memory cards also withstand tough conditions and keep your data completely safe. The Kingston memory card belongs to the class 10, which means that the rate of transfer is conveniently high, with a minimum transfer speed of 10 MB/s. Store and access data whenever and wherever you need it.

High Compatibility

We recommend you buy the Kingston 32GB memory card online not only because it is durable and provides high speed but also because it is easily compatible with any microSD or microSDHC device like mobile phones, gaming consoles, etc. The 32GB microSDHC card comes with a full SD adapter which lets you connect to any other SD compliant devices such as laptops, camcorders and other handheld devices as well. It is also compatible with the latest 3.0 SD card specifications.

  • Capacity: 32GB
  • Card Type: microSDHC Card
  • Speed Class: Class 10
  • Compatibility: Any microSD-enabled device

Kingston 32GB Memory Card

TT$100.00 Regular Price
TT$75.00Sale Price
  • 30 Days Warranty

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