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Delivery​ is offered on the following items and conditions as follows:

  • All items are eligible for delivery

  • Delivery is done Via SPECTRUM, UPS, TTPOST.

  • Delivery costs are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Deliveries are not done on Sundays or Public Holidays.

  • Warranty claims are processed at the Store ONLY and there is
    no Pickups after delivery.

Payment Methods​

  1. Direct Bank Deposit (ScotiaBank/RBC)

  2. Cash on Delivery (Special Conditions Apply)

Delivery Cost: 

  • Delivery cost is based on location (Standard or Extended)

  • Standard Delivery(2-3 Days) Cost is $30-50 to most areas

  • Extended Distances $75-100

  • Out of business hours deliveries are sometimes accommodated

Deliveries are done to Police Stations, Malls, Businesses, Work Places or Home Addresses at our discretion.

Areas not available for deliveries - Any area designated as a Crime Hot Spot or deemed unsafe for any driver or courier service. Agreements can be made to meet at a mutual location elsewhere.

Delivery Policy

Refund & Exchange


  • Original Invoice MUST be presented in order for any returns to be facilitated

  • All items for return must be returned in its original condition as sold (tags, seals, box, software, screen protection etc.) or it will not be accommodated in any way.

  • Items must not be tampered with or damaged in any way

  • Items delivered must be returned to the store in person for any claims or refund

  • Items need to be checked by the Staff of Spectrum Computer Services


  • Cash refunds are only accommodated if the items are returned as sold, sealed, plastic or paper protection, box not opened, tags not removed, and items not damaged.

  • No cash refunds after 14 Days

  • All cash refunds carry a restocking fee of 10% on items returned

  • Delivery Costs are Non Refundable

Refunds and Warranty



Warranty period on items are printed to the front OR in the item description of the invoice 

Your warranty becomes void under these conditions

  • Serial Number Damaged/Tampered with

  • Virus infection

  • Faulty installation

  • Product Damage or Misuse

  • Electrical spikes leading to damage

  • Incompatible with your system

  • Software conflicts

  • Items tampered with


  • Customers must wait for a period of 1-5 business days on items returned for replacement pending testing procedures.

  • If the item to be replaced is currently being sold at a higher price or is a higher performing item the customer may need to pay the price difference

  • If identical items are not available for replacement, it will be replaced with a similar, equally performing item.

  • No trade ins of in use items.

  • There is a service fee of $50 for items returned as not working, but found to be in perfect working order or virus infected.


  • Repair/Replacement will only be accommodated on items that do not show signs of abuse or damaged

  • Spectrum Computer Services assumes no responsibility for any loss due to user including but not limited to loss of revenue, data, functionality etc.

  • Customers will be responsible for data, and Spectrum Computer Services will not be responsible for the transfer of data from one item to a new one if replaced


Contact Us

373-5342 / 323-2322

22 Lime Head Rd Chase Village

Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

Monday to Friday 9AM - 6PM

Saturdays 9AM - 3.30PM

Closed on Sundays

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