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Delivery​ is offered on the following items and conditions as follows:

  • All items are eligible for delivery

  • Delivery is done Via SPECTRUM, UPS, TTPOST.

  • Delivery costs are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Deliveries are not done on Sundays or Public Holidays.

  • Warranty claims are processed at the Store ONLY and there is
    no Pickups after delivery.

Payment Methods​

  1. Direct Bank Deposit (ScotiaBank/RBC)

  2. Cash on Delivery (Special Conditions Apply)

Delivery Cost: 

  • Delivery cost is based on location (Standard or Extended)

  • Standard Delivery(2-3 Days) Cost is $30-50 to most areas

  • Extended Distances $75-100

  • Out of business hours deliveries are sometimes accommodated

Deliveries are done to Police Stations, Malls, Businesses, Work Places or Home Addresses at our discretion.

Areas not available for deliveries - Any area designated as a Crime Hot Spot or deemed unsafe for any driver or courier service. Agreements can be made to meet at a mutual location elsewhere.


Refund & Exchange


  • Original Invoice MUST be presented in order for any returns to be facilitated

  • All items for return must be returned in its original condition as sold (tags, seals, box, software, screen protection etc.) or it will not be accommodated in any way.

  • Items must not be tampered with or damaged in any way

  • Items delivered must be returned to the store in person for any claims or refund

  • Items need to be checked by the Staff of Spectrum Computer Services/Kids


  • Cash refunds are only accommodated if the items are returned as sold, sealed, plastic or paper protection, box not opened, tags not removed, and items not damaged.

  • No cash refunds after 14 Days

  • All cash refunds carry a restocking fee of 10% on items returned

  • Delivery Costs are Non Refundable




Warranty period on items are printed to the front OR in the item description of the invoice 

Your warranty becomes void under these conditions

  • Serial Number Damaged/Tampered with

  • Virus infection

  • Faulty installation

  • Product Damage or Misuse

  • Electrical spikes leading to damage

  • Incompatible with your system

  • Software conflicts

  • Items tampered with


  • Customers must wait for a period of 1-5 business days on items returned for replacement pending testing procedures.

  • If the item to be replaced is currently being sold at a higher price or is a higher performing item the customer may need to pay the price difference

  • If identical items are not available for replacement, it will be replaced with a similar, equally performing item.

  • No trade ins of in use items.

  • There is a service fee of $50 for items returned as not working, but found to be in perfect working order or virus infected.


  • Repair/Replacement will only be accommodated on items that do not show signs of abuse or damaged

  • Spectrum Computer Services assumes no responsibility for any loss due to user including but not limited to loss of revenue, data, functionality etc.

  • Customers will be responsible for data, and Spectrum Computer Services will not be responsible for the transfer of data from one item to a new one if replaced


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